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Leger des Heils actief in New York en Pennsylvania

Posted on: Wednesday, September 12, 2001 at 21:36:28 (MEST)

Via de Blue Shield, een vereniging van heilssoldaten die werkzaam zijn als politieambtenaren, ontvingen we het volgende engelstalige bericht over de hulp die het Leger des Heils biedt in de rampgebieden.

Dear friends,
Please take note of our action and help at New York and please pray for their ministries. Thanks! Major Tony Ma
Statement by Commissioner Joe Noland, Territorial Commander, The Salvation Army, Eastern United States, On U.S. Terrorist Attacks
The Salvation Army’s emergency food and aid vehicles and personnel have been on-site at the World Trade Center area since 10:30 a.m. ET this morning assisting victims and emergency personnel. Additionally, mobile emergency centers are at the plane crash site in Somerset County, Penn., and every Salvation Army emergency canteen, along with hundreds of counselors and social workers throughout the north eastern United States and Canada, are on call to serve victims, families, friends, and rescue workers 24 hours a day.
Our hearts are broken for the victims of today's tragedies, their families, and for America. Though The Salvation Army is on site providing assistance to our friends and neighbors who are the victims of this tragic event, our deepest desire would be that all Americans do what we have always done in times of national tragedyˇhold fast to our faith and pray for our president and all our nation's leaders.
Throughout our history, America has remained strong because we have relied upon our faith in God, who is our deepest and surest help in times of trouble.
3:00 p.m. Report
In the wake of Tuesday's horrific terrorist attack that destroyed New York City's World Trade Center, The Salvation Army's Greater New York Division immediately mobilized all of its resources to assist in emergency response efforts.
All of our people, facilities and vehicles are available to help in this time of great tragedy,¨ said Major Carl L. Schoch, Greater New York Divisional Commander.
Dozens of officers and approximately 30 volunteers were assisting in the area of lower Manhattan surrounding the World Financial Center and at Command Headquarters at Divisional Headquarters on 14th Street.
Canteens from Nassau County and Queens were serving emergency crews at the World Financial Center. The Manhattan canteen was situated as Police Headquarters. A canteen from the Bronx was ferrying supplies to the Nassau canteen before proceeding to the Medical Examiners Office located at 30th St. and First Ave.
Additionally, the Brooklyn Feeding Program canteen was providing meals at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge. A canteen from Suffolk County was also en route to the disaster scene.
Salvation Army staff from Eastern Territorial Headquarters in West Nyack and the School for Officer Training in Suffern, N.Y., will be reporting to Divisional Headquarters, then dispatched to various canteen locations to relieve the first canteen shifts.
The Manhattan Adult Rehabilitation Center as well all residences located in the city are preparing meals to be served from the canteen.
The Salvation Army’s New York Temple Corps is making its facilities on 14th Street available to nearby St. Vincent’s Hospital, if needed.
5:00 p.m. Report
Salvation Army Sets Up Shelters For World Trade Center Rescue Teams
While rescue teams are working around the clock in the aftermath of the terrorist attack that destroyed the World Trade Center, The Salvation Army has been assisting by setting up shelters and serving food from mobile canteens.
A team of 24 staff members and cadets from the School for Officer Training in Suffern, N.Y., are overseeing a temporary shelter of 100 beds at Manhattan College, located near the World Financial Center.
The New York Temple Corps, located at 132 W. 14th St., has set up 40 cots for staff from nearby St. Vincent's Hospital, where many of the casualties are being taken.
Meanwhile, three canteens are busy serving workers at the Emergency Command Center at the World Financial Center. Other canteens are serving in Brooklyn as well as transporting food to the command location.
A canteen is also set up at the Medical Examiners Office at 30 St. and First Ave. Plans are underway to organize counseling teams for the Medical Examiners Office.
Five additional canteens from the Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware Division, under the command of Major Ed Morris, are en route to the scene. Two canteens from the New Jersey Division will serve on Thursday.
Lastest info. --
·Hundreds of Workers On-Call throughout Eastern U.S. and Canada to provide prayers and actual help.
·In HK, we have already received one request to conduct a memorial service and provide counselling to about 30 American students studying in Hong Kong or those with relatives in the areas affected. Captain Ian Swan will be following through with this request this evening(13/9).
· SA workers were on the scene at the Los Angeles airport for crisis counseling.

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